We are not a gym, we are a bunch of like minded busy men 30+  looking to achieve the same kind of goals:

Lose the belly, ditch the man boobs, drop the fat and replace it with muscle.

We believe that being strong, fit and healthy, carries over to all aspects in life, professional and personal.

Getting in shape doesn't mean spending hours in the gym, it's about exercising with your mates and having fun. 

If it's not fun, it's not worth doing.

Whats involved in the Mens Club Program

MENS CLUB TRAINING SESSIONS - We know life is busy, thats why we offer a flexible timetable that fits around your career, kids, lifestyle & family. 

Simply pick and choose any of our 45 minute Mens Only training sessions. Where you work with one of our coaches and like minded men JUST LIKE YOU having a laugh and getting results!

We have sessions everday 4:50am/5:40am/6:30am/9:30am/4pm/4:50pm/5:40pm & 6:30pm

CUSTOM NUTRITION - Losing weight doesn't have to be restrictive! In The Mens Club, we don’t cut out any food groups. Depriving yourself is just plain unrealistic. With us, there's no weighing or calorie counting either. 

It's really simple and fits around your lifestyle. You can eat all your favorite foods without feeling guilty. We focus on getting the balance right of all the delicious and healthy foods that you are already eating so that you can lose weight in an enjoyable and sustainable way.
1-on1 Accountability Coach - One of our expert coaches will be assigned as your very own personal coach, they'll be on hand everyday to make sure you stay on track and get results without feeling confused of overwhelmed.

They will be there to make sure your turning up to sessions & following your nutrition to make sure you get the best results

These personal check-ins will keep you focused, motivated, and on track to hitting your goals once and for all!

Best of all, if you get stuck or frustrated, your coach is only an email or text away! They will help talk you back to success no matter how crazy things get
INBODY SCANS - You’ll have a 1-1 consult where we take an inbody scan which provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance.
Body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat, which are the components of the human body closely related to the status of our health. This data assists in our programming towards your goals and takes the guesswork out of tracking your progress.
ACCESS TO EDUCATION PORTAL - Using our Knight Fitness portal you can gain instant access to a catalogue of workouts in a variety of classes from HIIT to sweaty and bendy and for those rest days some great deep stretching or AB workouts. Needing inspiration for meals then take on our Knight recipes with so many delicious options. 
Daily Food Diary, recipes & Progress Report - The road to success first starts with being mindful. To guarantee that you not only lose weight but keep it off for good, each week you'll submit a quick food diary and weigh in. Your coach will dive deep into your results, with a personalized weekly video providing feedback on what to focus on for the following week. It's great encouragement to ensure you are on track and a fun way to learn!
VIP FACEBOOK COMMUNITY - This is the place you can share new breakthroughs, frustrations and anything in between. It's also a great place for guidance if you’re stuck, rather than trying to figure it out on your own. Not only will you learn from the coaches here, but you will learn from what the other members have to contribute.
ACCESS TO ALL LIVE SESSIONS and WEEKLY COACHING CALL-Gaining unlimited access to our live workouts 7 days a week is handy for those who work away, have kids or even when on holiday. It keeps you accountable when you can’t quite make it into the gym but want to get a sweat on. We run 18 of these a week so theres always a opportunity to workout. 
Become part of the Mens Club Community - RIGHT NOW There Are Only Ever 400 Members In This Mens Club Program- Most Members Renew Month after Month Leaving Very Few Openings.

You’re not alone on your journey, our gym is full of like-minded people motivating each other along the way - this is something you miss out on when you train alone.

We have over 500 testimonials will you be next...?  

Fantastic you made it this far!

if the above looks like what you need to achieve your goals the next step would it be to get on a quick call so we can run through how this program would work for your situation, 

that way you can decide whether or not this is the right move for you

Where Will You Be Training?
U6 118 South Pine Road, Brendale North Brisbane

Entrance and Parking is on Johnstone Road