30+ MENS CLUB Client Success Stories

"Im like in my body from high school"

"My clothes fit better and I've got a lot of extra energy"
"I'm 52 but I've never felt more fitter, stronger and healthier than I've ever been"

"I've lost about 15kgs and went down 3 cloth sizes"
"No egos, no mirrors, no pressure because they let you train in your own pace.

"Here I am 2 years later, still enjoy going here.
The guys at the gym are great, its non pretentious, no BS"

"The best thing here is that I feel like I'm part of a family"

"It's not just good for you, you actually enjoy coming here"

"Every time you come here, it's different. You don't won't get bored"

"I've lost 5cm off my waist, gained 2 cm on my arms, legs and 5 cm on my chest"

"I came from zero to hero"

"Biggest achievement is being able to carry my two daughters.
I've also gone from 29% Body fat down to 17%"

"It's a community. You feel at home when you walk through the door"